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Just kidding. Unfortunately, I'm not some mystical designer that everyone knows about, not yet at least. My goal is to be that, though. To be remembered with the likes of Chip Kidd and Carolyn Davidson. Not necessarily a household name, but without a doubt, everyone knows or has purchased or seen something that has a logo they created on it. 


Currently, I'm proud to have created the logos for some of the most well-known activity bars located in Milwaukee. I've worked for that company, Bars & Recreation for a total of 7 years, working my way from a bartender they employed who did design work on the side to becoming their lead artist and directing a team of designers and artists to execute new ideas and elements in accordance to the multiple brands that are under the company umbrella. I've done concept pop-up bars that have a design turn around of 3 weeks and I've done long-game planning for establishments that will be announced in a year from now. All that to say I have no problem being a chameleon to match the project at hand. 


If you've made it this far and I haven't lost you, thank you for reading and looking over the works that I have posted here. If you're interested in collaborating or have a project proposal, feel free to reach out either through the contact me field on this website or through the contact information on my resume linked below. 

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