Marketing Campaigns for 3M

More serious campaign geared to launch around Spring or Summer with colour post-it notes that add a pop of colour that light up the city street much like the flowers of the season. 

A more whimsical take on the use of post-it notes with celebrity-focused marketing and emphasis on the "extra" and costume-like qualities and style that the celebrities tend to exude.

Sketches for the initial fake eyelashes that had  more dainty take with the idea of intricately cut eyelashes but still the bold colours that are seen with post-it notes.

Poster Concepts for Milwaukee Art Museum Exhibition
Redo of Local Business Logos

Miscellaneous Projects 

Astronomical Calendar for 2012-2013

Postcard Mockups for Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Excerpts from a type study book based around Sherlock Holmes

Perfume based on the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone

Concept of having packaging that contains something that isn't physical

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